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Hello.  I’m Kerry.

Hi!  I’m Kerry and I was born and continue to live in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I am abundantly blessed……I have an amazing husband and four children who all have my whole heart!

Some of my loves include rainy days, warm homemade rolls, college football, anything peanut butter and chocolate, hot showers, pretty landscapes, documenting the everyday, date nights, t-shirt and jeans, tiny details, making family memories, chips and salsa, reading books with my children, the beach, cookies and cream ice cream, beautiful packaging, a clean house, to hear my children’s laughter, sewing, 70 degree weather, baseball games, warm getaways, watching TV in bed, grocery shopping, dates with my children, ice water, seeing others smile and of course, Target!

I have a love for details and documenting the simple moments in life.  I love the subtle snippets that make the everyday worth recording!  I hope you do too!

I can’t wait to hear about some of the things YOU love!