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I loved reading all the nominations!  Thank you to those who took the time to nominate those who you feel are deserving.  Narrowing it down was very hard! I’d like to congratulate the following:

Seth Goolsby

Leah Robertson

Justin Balanga

I can’t wait to have you in front of my camera!  I will be contacting you soon to schedule your complementary senior portrait session!

Also, if you’d like to be become a senior rep, I am looking for two more outgoing, stylist, friendly + kind people! More details to come next week!


It’s time to celebrate!  I love birthday’s and it just happens to be MY birthday!  One of my favorite things about birthday’s are that you get to request your favorite dessert!  I can’t say I’ve met a dessert that I didn’t like.  I’m not a fan of whipped cream (I know, crazy, right?) so if it doesn’t have whipped cream on it, chances are I will love it!  Anything peanut butter + chocolate is my favorite!  But cookies, cupcakes, brownies, cheesecake, pie – they are all pretty good to me!

To celebrate my birthday I wanted to offer limited edition sessions for 2017 high school seniors.  This is something new to KP+Co. and I thought it might be beneficial to some!  So what exactly is a limited edition session you ask?  Well it is similar to a senior portrait session however, I choose the location, the shoot will last for 20-25 minutes, there will be no outfit changes and you will receive up to 20 digital images with a print release.  The cost is $275.  Any other products (such as graduation announcements) will be available for purchase.

Contact the studio today to reserve your spot!






Because my parents divorced when I was very young, my childhood consisted of two birthday’s, two Christmas’, two Valentine’s Days, two summer vacations….two of everything.  As a kid, I LOVED this!  I loved being spoiled by my parents twice!  It was the best!  Each house had their own traditions and now that I have four children of my own, we have started some of our own birthday traditions that I hope they will continue when they have families of their own!

Some birthday traditions include:

  • breakfast in bed : our children love to make their parents breakfast in bed when it’s their birthday
  • eating on the red plate: this is one from my childhood; we had a “you are special today’ plate and when it was your birthday, you were able to eat on it.  We do this with our children on their birthdays.
  • favorite dessert : when there is a birthday in our house, you get to pick your favorite dessert; it can be homemade or from your favorite restaurant
  • 13 gifts : when I turned 13, I received 13 gifts and each gift had 13 things inside.  I got 13 scrunchies, 13 of my favorite candy bars, 13 one dollar bills, etc.  We don’t have a teenager yet but when we do, we will do 13 gifts.
  • dinner with mom + dad only : we do this with our kids on their birthdays.  They get to pick where we are going and they get to have a one on one date with just their parents.  They seem to really love this tradition!
  • twenty questions : each year on our children’s birthdays, we ask them 20 questions.  Questions include things like what’s your favorite color, what is your favorite thing to do for fun, what is your favorite sport, what food do you not like, etc.  We keep them so they can look back to see what they liked when they were 3 years old

What are some of the birthday traditions you have in your family?  I’d love to know!








I am currently booking 2017 high school seniors.  I simply love high school seniors!  I love their energy, their outlook on life, their motivation + goals and so much more! I LOVE to have them in front of my camera!  Sessions are limited and are filling up.  If you’d like to book a portrait session, contact the studio today!  Email me at

Do you know a high school senior that you’d like to nominate for a free portrait session?  I’m looking for someone who you feel is deserving, someone who is fun + outgoing, who is involved in school + the community, who is confident + fashionable, who is kind + are an example to those around them.  

Do you have someone in mind?  Simply fill out the senior nomination application form found HERE.  If selected, they will receive a complementary senior photo shoot, 40+ edited photos on a usb drive and a print release.  They will be asked to share the images from their shoot on all their social media accounts.  You can nominate as many people as you’d like.  I can’t wait to see who you nominate!

High school seniors are my absolute favorite to photograph!  I can’t wait to have you in front of my camera!

Lunches….if you’re like me, I send a lunch with my kids everyday.  Some families require their kids to pack their lunch but I enjoy packing my kids’ lunch + if I do it, I know what’s going into it!  I think I grew up on peanut butter + jelly but not my kids.  Some like peanut butter and some like jelly but none of them like it together.  Here are a few ideas that will hopefully make your lunch making a little easier.

  1. I make a lunch schedule each week so I’m guessing the morning of
  2. I grocery shop once a week
  3. Once I get home, I separate things into snack size baggies so I can just pull them out + place in their lunch boxes
  4. I have all my plastic forks + spoons together as well as napkins all in one place
  5. Mini water bottles are opened and put in their lunch daily
  6. I have a stack of cute notecards to write love notes on that I keep in the kitchen

Some things I put in my kids’ lunches are:

  1. hard boiled eggs
  2. ham bits – like you would buy to put in an omelet
  3. pepperoni
  4. salami
  5. tomato sandwiches
  6. turkey sandwiches
  7. ham sandwiches
  8. peanut butter sandwiches
  9. mini blueberry muffins
  10. mini pumpkin muffins
  11. apples
  12. oranges
  13. blueberries
  14. strawberries
  15. blackberries
  16. grapes
  17. peaches
  18. pineapple
  19. raisins
  20. broccoli
  21. cucumbers
  22. carrots
  23. tomatoes
  24. peas
  25. string cheese
  26. yogurt
  27. baby pickles
  28. graham crackers
  29. wheat thins
  30. goldfish
  31. ritz crackers
  32. granola bars
  33. pretzels
  34. salad
  35. soup
  36. cashews
  37. almonds
  38. pasta
  39. individual peanut butter cups
  40. individual guacamole cups
  41. salsa
  42. tortilla chips
  43. dinner leftovers
  44. chocolate covered pretzels
  45. mini rice crispy treats

I hope some of these ideas will help you with your lunch planning next week!  Enjoy!